Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scarlett and her tea party

This was probably one of the most precious pictures I have ever taken.

I went to look for Scarlett.
Sometimes she hides when she poo's.
Sometimes she sneaks out the front door or into the garage.
Sometimes she is sitting on the potty.
Sometimes she is buried in mommy and daddys bed
Sometimes she is on daddys desk, yep, ON the desk, hurling things as fast as she can.
Sometimes, she is under the kitchen table putting babies to sleep
But not this time.

I walked into Scarlett's little play area.
She was giving her babies a tea party with the new tea set she got.
She had all her babies on her new table giving them tea.

I thought these things just happened in books
but little girls actually come up with this stuff
I wasn't sure why she was pouring tea on the floor but thats ok

It is so cute!!
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