Sunday, December 28, 2008

Then they arrive

Then he arrives....
In a horse drawn buick...
Coming to save the day....
Bringing baked goods...

It's Uncle Curtie!! He is staying for the whole month of January. We have been waiting, anticipating, being patient, excited, overwhelmed.

We were even more excited that Brad came along too. Brad is our cousin who is staying for a week.

Even more exciting, ADAM BALTIC arrived for less than 24 hours. (Milan was on a 24 hour adventure to visit his very sick brother) so we got to take Adam to the beach for the first time and do all sorts of exciting things!

Scarlett didn't know what to think as they dunked Adam in the ocean (ok, they seriously made him cry...but that was because a wave, imagine that, came out of no where, they said)

Scarlett didn't know what to think as they arrived at 6:30 a.m. and just arrived. After Adam woke up, scarlett went busting into the spare bedroom to look for more...but they were only big kids (Curt and Brad). She was distraught, she was saying where, and putting her hands up like "what is going on?"
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