Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Floridians gone north

When you become friends with people who live all over the country, they are bound to come and visit right?
We LOVE seeing our friends come into town, it is great to bond with just the two families!
We were so excited to spend a few days with this family.  We made sure they tried all the "Cincinnati and Ohio" stuff too.
Graeters Ice cream was a must have too!
We couldn't eat up enough time with this family, they were only going to stay for a day or so and ended up staying longer.  Beckah said that it wasn't too far out of the way to the destination of Canada....but it was like 9 hours out of the way....oops. (or maybe we accidentally let the information slide past the hubbies)
two babies just a month apart...
They were here on Scarlett's ACTUAL birthday, so they joined in the festivities.
Scarlett LOVES, like adores artwork so she was so excited for her new easel.
Of course what would a visit to Ohio be without trying a yummy buckeye.
We had beautiful weather and it was a wonderful little (stay)cation for us!
The kids enjoying the "golf hole" daddy put in the back yard.  I had some really cool pictures but can't figure out why my phone won't let me email them from instragram.  Hope they are enjoying the frigid cold weather of Canada as they are Floridians!  We wish them the best in the new endeavor. 
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