Monday, December 10, 2012

just a thought

Baby things I HIGHLY recommend.....

Cream....another word would be BUTTER for less then 5$.  I am not letting any cats out of the bag here but I am guessing that most people get stretch marks.  I don't have any (ok, maybe a few but not from having a baby).  I have tried the 30$ bottle (didn't give in to the 60$ bottle)....and still went back to this after just days because this stuff does the trick.  Ladies, I used this for ALL three works.  (Since I am not a Walmart shopper, I had to send my sweet friend into the store to get this stuff...I seem to only find it there).  Use it correctly and you will go through one of these every two weeks....and that is a good thing!

 Another MUST have is this adorable tight stretchy non-cotton tank from Target for just a mere 25.00$, and as you will find, that maternity stuff is expensive.  Its like that spandex material that I just LOVE and makes you feel super skinny when you are over weight by just 30 or so lbs. and yes, you will still see me wearing it....not pregnant.

               My babies cry, fuss and everything in between..... GET THIS STUFF, it is the closest to helping deal with those fussy fits.  It is like Mylicon drops but it is natural and the active charcoal slips and slides right through the baby taking the gas bubbles with it.  Totally love this stuff and worth every penny of the 19.99$.  I have only found it at Walgreens/CVS type of stores!

Of course, what kind of wife would I be to not mention COFFEE, as my husband sells it by representing Smuckers.   If you are breast-feeding I recommend decaf but if you are like me and NEED, like in dire need of Caffeine then get the "simply smooth" as it is easy on everyone's bellies. 

Sleep!!!!  well, babies+sleep is overrated, so don't even think about the word and you will do fine!

   Just let the baby sleep and you continue to invest in coffee and you will make it out the other end!!

This was just a few must haves although I recommend much more but not sure how to word the biggest help of all.....

I am so lucky to have the most supportive husband.  He is so thoughtful, always willing to swing right in from work and grab the kids, send me away for an evening of shopping, bring home flowers weekly and makes me sleep in.....don't mind if I do!

What is your favorite baby, must have item?

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