Monday, August 24, 2009

Last days

So enjoying the last few days before I delivered was very important for me and for the sake of Scarlett.
We went out to eat with a few friends and made Vicki come along too.
Afterwards, while Ryan stayed and hung out, we took Scarlett for ice- cream...lovin it!!

The day after i was due, we were on our way to the dr...hoping that i had dialated to more then a 3 so that i could get the ball rolling before Vicki left. This is Ryan and I on our way to the dr... (actually two days before i had the baby) and we didn't know it...i thought i could have the baby that day... yah, didn't happen!!

Yah, just a little big!!!

We can't thank Vicki enough for coming the weekend/day before our little Willow came. She helped out with Scarlett, cleaned, cooked, entertained and was such a great sport!! We are so blessed to have a wonderful mother along with the rest of our families. We are very spoiled and sometimes we forget to thank our moms and dads for all the nice things that they do for us.

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