Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hanging out!!

This past Thursday, we went to the park in about 103 or above temperatures...
it was Connor's 3rd birthday, he is one of three boys of the Stone Family.
We go to church with the Stone's and they are in our small group bible study!

Notice Scarlett in the checkered hat, she was just taking it all in... she doesn't like candy so she had no interest in waiting below the pinata!!

When Grandma I-I came into town on Thursday, we whisked her off to a playdate at my girlfriends (tara's) house. She probably loved listening to a bunch of stay at home mommies solving all the worlds problems.

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Gardner's said...

You look GREAT! Love the pictures of Scarlett reading to her babies in the swing.

WE ARE READY FOR THE BABY NEWS!!!! Tell baby Butler that it is TIME to come out!