Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sneak Peek

I have NOT taken any pictures of "our little ladybugs" new room. It has a few more things we need to do this weekend, hanging some things, finish painting and etc...

But here is the super cool tree that i bought at Target for 12.99...however, you get what you pay for, it started to peel off the following day. So, i had to take it down and return it.... i was very disappointed, however, my sister Joy sells Uppercase Living which is sticker artwork that you can put on just about anything.

So, i will be ordering a more expensive tree from her!!

This is Scarlett's new jewerly box. The sticker work is from Joy's uppercase living and the ladybugs are from our baby shower that the other jill threw for me a few months ago. I am trying to stick with the pink, green and red type of colors.

This was officially an art project for myself!!

maybe should have ordered black or red letters but didn't plan on adding the ladybugs until last minute...
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