Sunday, August 16, 2009

Things that have been calling my name!!

AGAIN, we went to the beach...

the beach has been calling my name along with other things

Scarlett loves making circles in the sand, jumping on them and counting them!!

Other things calling my name:
- Scarlett
- sea salt and vinegar chips
- mountain dew
- m and m's
- my mom's peanut butter rice krispies
- Smith's chip dip
- facebook ...ahhh....i joined and its addicting....don't do it
- the gym
- non-maternity shopping
- hopefully the baby soon!!
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Jennifer said...

I so ENVY you being able to go to the beach whenever it calls your name. When is this baby girl going to bless us with her presence?

Gardner's said...

love the pictures...
Scarlett is SOOOOO cute! Love the pink high heals!

I would have to say Mom's peanut butter bars and smith's chip dip is also calling my NAME!

dog said...

Pictures were nice to see, hope you have that little girl pretty soon. I did see Scarlett walking outside with your pink heels and I thought it was so cute, I called Steve to come and see her,not knowing you were taking a picture. Hope to see you soon or talk to you. Have a great day.

Connie said...

I'm enjoying your music Jill. Can't wait until Scarlet's little sister makes her arrival.