Friday, August 28, 2009

Heading Home from the hospital

So when you leave the hospital they don't let you walk out, you have to be pushed out!! So here i was with a nice older man that I should have been pushing...he was pushing me!!

Ryan putting Willow in her carseat... notice the suv behind him...story to follow

Another picture of daddy putting Willow in the car...notice the suv behind him...story to follow

our precious little willow grayce for her first car ride!!

story about suv behind us!!...

so, ryan and i were putting Willow in the car and we were done in like 5 minutes...the suv was behind us with every car door open including the trunk. We were just about to pull out and the daddy back there came up and said it looks like you guys have done this before can you help us...we both turned around and the mommy looked like she was "so exhausted" and daddy, granmda and grandpa were trying to figure out how to put the baby in the carseat. After all was said and done, ryan helped, got it all done and he comes back to the car and said everything was fine, but i guess they still want to stop off at the license bureau to make sure everything was put into their car correctly. Meanwhile, while Ryan was back there the grandma came up to my car and asked if i needed anything, they have a cooler if i need a water. I just looked at her and said i am good, she said, i am so glad your husband is helping us, i am not sure if we could drive if the baby isn't in the car correctly.

On our way home, we debated if we were bad parents because we don't seem to care that much about stuff and I sure didn't have a water cooler in my car. Oh to be first time parents again, i can't imagine what we looked like!
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