Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby where are you???

Scarlett often says, baby where are you??
When we are looking for something in the grocery store, she will say "banana's where are you"
When we are driving, she will say "gym where are you?"

Anyways, after going to the dr this morning, i have finally went from 0 to 3 dilated. If i was still at a 0, it was looking like a sept baby and being induced. Now, with finally at a 3, i am hoping to go into labor this weekend. I will probably be induced next week if nothing happens... I really don't want to be induced as most times that leads to a c-section....ahhh, what to do.

So you never know, maybe it will be a sept baby after all.

Until then, i have my floors to mop, carpets to carpet clean, frames to finish painting, finish fixing up our bedroom and setting up the bassinette, going to pick up my mother in law in orlando, going to the beach, hitting the gym a few more times, maybe a date night with my hubby since we have a sitter and possibly making it to church on Sunday!!!

After 42 weeks, he said my options are slim to none, they will induce me!

Until then, i will be doing all of the above and trying some of those "home remedies" that amy said i could find when i google it...

Tonight, we may be moving my girlfriend Jenna into her new apartment, Ryan is going to finish pressure washing our pool area and then we will probably go to the gym.... i am biking a few miles everyday!!

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dog said...

Hopefully you will have it on your own, I will pray for that. That little girl is just being stuborn, just doesn't want to come into this wonderful world. Looks like you are keeping yourself busy, that is why we never see you, but know you have alot to do.