Friday, August 07, 2009

Dora Live

About 6 of us trucked up through the rain on Wednesday evening for a Dora Live Show. We have probably just started letting Scarlett watch Dora about 3 weeks ago when we bought the tickets. She now officially loves Dora.

Mommy and Scarlett at the Dora live show!!

Carina is right in the front of this picture with Jill and Grayson in the background.

This picture was taken during the show which was NOT allowed...not sure how it ended up on my camera!!

We had great seats for a great show!!!

We had an awesome time and I loved watching Scarlett stare in awe at the characters. Thanks daddy for buying us the tickets!!
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Gardner's said...

she is growing up to be a big girl already!.... what FUN!

dog said...

Jill You look great in those pictures and so does Scarlett. I'm glad to you had a great time. You need some relaxtion. We love you all over there across the street.

Angie and Brian said...

Looks like so much fun! Dylan would have LOVED it! Good luck with the last couple weeks! Can't wait to meet the newest addition :)