Monday, August 03, 2009

hAPPY Monday

Happy monday to all!!

- i haven't spoken much about my pregnancy on my blog... so here it is from a-n ... the rest of the letters TBC (to be continued)

a. every baby is different
b. if this was my first one, we probably would have been into the ER like at least 2x thinking i was in labor
c. scarlett never moved, this one seems to be rockin it out
d. no really, when the dr. would ask if scarlett was moving...i lied and said yes
e. i didn't know what moving was
f. i can't sleep, but maybe that is because Scarlett isn't sleeping
g. i seem to have no problems eating ..... grrrr
h. the other night, i frantically looked for "my what to expect when your expecting book"... i was looking up false labor
i. i am NOT dilated but that is ok, i will probably hold out until sept 1st...
j. haven't settled on a name, but i think we are getting close!!!
k. couple downfalls but the highest is probably that ryan isn't diggin the ... who would?
l. i have an august calendar of shifts for scarlett, it is out of this world
m. the baby seems to just love my mcdonalds "sugar free iced vanilla coffee"
n. this baby can't come yet, ryan has to travel and my parents are still in germany

other notes:
- angie and brian are not coming down... we have decided with me being as close as i am to delivery and her kids sick, it wasn't a good idea... grrrr ...i was looking forward to pawning Scarlett off on them out her blog to see the update of the kids

- went to Target for two hours by myself during Scarlett's nap, and loved it
- daddy's airplane has moved on for the week
- we are going to the beach after we pick up a few items this morning
- babysitting the other jill's kids this afternoon
- having a group of kids over once a week in the mornings for a small preschool class for will probably be continued after the baby and i am going to start another blog on it!!
- all the teachers are going back to their classrooms, sorta miss it
- bunco is tonight, mmm... not going, not getting a sitter
- going to see Dora live on wed (angie and dylan were suppose to go tooo)
- actually not sure if i even like the dora show...just started watching it last week, as soon as we bought tickets, and well, does it give kids nightmares...i don't know, i am weird about it
- if you head over to amy's blog, you can see the trees that have been knocked down at my parents house, i am distraught...
- she seems to have no problem rubbing it in
- and i just about can't read Joy's blog anymore as it might send someone into depression looking at all her wonderful pictures ....


CristinB said...

so Scarlett isn't sleeping, huh? Well, ever since we've been back from the beach, we can't get Avery to GO to sleep. We fight with her for at least an hour everyday at naptime and at bedtime. It's sooo exhausting.

Jill said...

i am so sorry cristin as it has not been fun, i think the traveling messes with them... finally today...monday, things are looking up, its only taking us about a 1/2 hour to get her to sleep and she is only getting up twice around 2ish and 5ish... its better then every 20 minutes... i have NO ADVICE to give (although we tried the gate, she climbed over it)i am exhausted for you!!