Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Willow Grayce

Stories and Pictures to come but here are a few until I get the chance to update our blog

Mommy and Willow after our amazing delivery!

Daddy was so excited to hold baby Willow right after delivery!!

We were so excited to see Scarlett's expression after delivery!! The whole experience was a wonderful and cherishing memory!!

Our precious little Willow!

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Jennifer said...

I think her name is appropriate for her - I LOVE it! She is precious - you have been blessed once again. Enjoy these new memories with your "upgrated" family.

dog said...

She is beautiful Jill and you all look like a happy family. I did also like the look on Scarletts face when she saw Willow. Wish you all the best as God has blessed you with two beautiful children. Will be over soon to see her.

Gardner's said...

I am so sad... I am about to CRY! We wish we could be there to see little Willow and Mommy!!!!!!!! We LOVE the pictures and can't wait for more! Love you and so happy to hear everything went well!