Tuesday, August 04, 2009

another week

so from the other day .... here is prego 0-z

o. love salt and vinegar chips
p. the other day, i made choc chip cookies and froze about a dozen of the cookie dough balls, they are all GONE... don't tell Ryan, i was hoping he wouldn't see them and eat them
q. Love cocoa butter formula from palmers... called tummy butter for stretch marks, we will see if it
r.... speakin of R, the babies name may start with an R
s. went to the "baby dr" again and i am in my 37th week... and not dilated, not dropping or anything... may be a sept baby
t. actually today, dr. told me that he would induce me be4 sept
u. scarlett was able to use the tools to find the babys heartbeat and LOVED it
v. hit the jackpot at Goodwill for maternity clothes, too bad i don't need anymore, but just had to buy them, you never know they could still be in style for the next one
w. scarlett is loving that the day is getting closer... she can't wait for "baby sissy" to sleep in her crib while scarlett sleeps in the big girl bed
x. month 8 and 9 were a little difficult as i didn't always feel good, but i will tell you what ...feeling pretty good now!!
y. i need to go and figure out exactly where i go when i go into labor... i know its st. augustine hospital but not sure as to which door and etc..
z.until next week... we will see if i am any closer to delivering this little girl

the other night i went to our association meeting for our subdivision... i now probably won't attend another one of these worthless meetings...
- not sure how much our assoc. fees are but pure waste of money
- people will never be able to get along
- only my close neighbors and me could see my point
- not to offend but we really don't have a lot of young people in our neighborhood to fight my case, but i think if i go again, i will take my girlfriends to pretend they live here too and then the vote won't be tilted
- all i wanted was a swing set

other notes:
- i may as well work at goodwill, can you imagine, you get to see everything first!! ....i found this beautiful mirror that i am going to repaint this weekend and put it in the girls room or in Ryan's office or ... who knows where... you will see!!
- going to Dora Live tonight, oh boy... and we are in the 2nd row!! can't wait and neither can scarlett ... asked scarlett what she wants to wear and she said "her tutu" ... she thinks she is going to dance or something ... we are going with her little friend carina and buddy Grayson
- daddy's airplane on our map is moving from Alambama back to Florida late tonight!!
- talked to amy this morning, she was picking up peaches
- talked to angie.. go figure she didn't come, her kids are feeling great...grrr

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Gardner's said...

you crack me up! Good WILL.... job!!!

We can't wait for BABY Butler to arrive!!!!

We love all the pictures of Scarlett