Tuesday, August 04, 2009

busy monday

Monday was a busy day...
ran up to the coach outlet to pick up something
we went to the beach for way tooo long
jill dropped off maren and grayson, she had a dr. appt
went to our neighborhood association meeting
Jenna came over to stay, we left to take her to the airport at 4:30 a.m.
Scarlett never took a nap and we payed for it around 8 that night!!

however, tuesday, we slept a lot and just hung around the house!!

Scarlett lOVES BABIES and changing Maren is a must for her

Scarlett and Grayson "Fingerpainting" which looks calm in this picture

And then turned into this!!

Scarlett's letter for the week is F, so we have been talking about F everyday and learning different words that start with F. Today, daddy called to ask her the letter and she knew it was the F, so something is sinking in!! We talked about Farm Animals, fingerpainting and we put some fishes in her blue ocean.
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