Saturday, August 08, 2009


- Thursday evening, the other Ryan and Jill watched Scarlett, we bought our brand new lazy boy for the baby finally and had a nice dinner at Bonefish Grill
- Garage sales were pretty good on Friday... went to buy a Thomas the Train table for Scarlett... got there when the doors opened, but just couldn't buy it... with two girls, ahhh where to put it!!
- I did get some other deals including Melissa and Doug toys for those of you that know what those are
- Saturday early woke up and primed/ painted
a. scarletts closet doors
b. scarlett's door to her bedroom
c. touched up baseboards
d. touched up lanai
e. finished red wall

- the "little ladybugs" room is finally in its last stages, we are now hanging things up... Scarlett needs to do a little bit more artwork this week to finish up the room

- tonight we are going to the art gallery then Ryan is going to run off to the outlets, he said he needs a new shirt for this week
- daddy's airplane will move for the last time on sunday this week and then he will be home until the baby comes
- daddy and scarlett are swimming at 6:00 p.m... its been kinda peaceful but they are coming in...gotta go

Sunday, we have church and then lazy day as daddy will head to the airport!!
i think the count down is two weeks..i have so much to do b4 this baby comes

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dog said...

Can't wait to see Scarlett's and the babys room, let me know when I can come over to see it. I know you, it will all get done, you are always on the go, girl. At least Scarlett is being helpful for you. Hope you have a nice day.