Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Far from Calmness

Yes, at one point and time

I can actually manage

to have BOTH kids


Yep, they both had just pitched fits at the same time and its just wonderful.

(I had a picture here, but I can't seem to load it.)

Willow wanted fed and Scarlett wanted something and they were both crying. So what else does this blogging mom do...well, go get the camera to have a true picture of what that day looked like.

really, it wasn't THAT bad.

Scarlett has been loving puzzles lately, I gave her this 24ish piece puzzle and she did great.

Willow in the pool. She lasted for about 10 minutes and decided enough is enough, but has loved it ever since.


Daddy, Scarlett and Willow having fun. Where is mommy? Well, mommy only gets in the pool when its super hot outside and super warm in the pool.

To the many family members who ask: I am working on the pool heater, but any donations would be great...

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