Monday, May 03, 2010


You are around 8 months (yes, I am your mother and horrible with week and month counting)
for those of you that don't know or would like to do the math, Willow was born August 26th
- You just got your first tooth (maybe i can get a picture soon)
- You like to climb up on things (like below) and the couch...just started in the past week.
- You like to eat ANYTHING we give you... you just tried chicken something the other day.
- You like Gerber puffs, Pea snaps and anything toy that you can put in your mouth.
- You are in size four diapers and in 6-12 month clothes.
- You haven't been sick yet (i probably shouldn't have wrote this) or needed to go the dr because of sickness. However, I just got a cream for the gookies behind your ear. AND yes I give you baths, but the doctor says its the way your skin is growing??!!
- You love when your daddy walks in the door, especially if he has been gone for a few days because you know he will rock you.
- You are sleeping from about 8 until 5, you drink a bottle and then go back to sleep until 7ish. You still take 3 naps a day.
- Scarlett calls you sissy and now all of her little friends call you sissy too. (I think they think that is your name)
- You love to swing outside by the pool.
- You go from sitting into a crawling position, then you bottom out and swat.
- You love to flap...we sometimes call you flapper. Its really when you get excited.
- We hear you look like daddy, mommy and Scarlett. (I think its a good thing that you look like the rest of your family.)

Here you are, thinking you are big stuff.


Big girl Scarlett:
- You are such a big girl helper
- You are writing your name and sounding out 2-3 letter words.
- You love to pretend you are a teacher or reading to your babies.
- You are a little fish in the water.
- You love to play t-ball with daddy.
- You haven't taken afternoon naps in the past 6 months, just quiet time, but we may be looking into that again.
- You sleep in the same room with Willow, and you two are just champs.
- You still love your milk.
- You recently became attached to a little bunny that you found in your stuffed animal bin.
- You love learning stations that I set up each week and learning time (although mommy has been slacking)
- You love gymnastics, but not so much dance. We are going to take you out of dance.
- You love to go into the church nursery.
- You are starting to talk more and using your words.


Scarlett and Willow, your mommy and daddy love you so much.

So much, that it took both of us to figure out how to set up this tent that you got for Christmas. We decided to pull things out slowly so that your presents weren't out all the same week.


Tooo much fun!!

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