Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Carly

Carly just turned 4. Her birthday party was poolside on Saturday and the girls loved it. Carly comes to my small group learning on Friday's and she will be in preschool next year.

This is a picture of her little family. I have known Linda (her mom) and family since I pretty much moved to the PC.


Some of the girls swimming.


Willow and I just chilling. (and yes, i know it looks like my dress is up and down and all over...but I wanted to get a picture of Willow and I had been laying out but not in my suit just trying to tan with the dress on)


Before I had known about the party, a few girls from our small couples group decided to go out to eat and shopping for Mother's Day. So I left the party early to go and meet up with them. Ryan did great with both girls, although Scarlett stayed at the party late and Mindy brought her home. Ryan left earlier with Willow because the heat was unbearable that day. My husband is just great with helping out with the girls, I am so blessed that he works so hard and then comes home and helps me too. Love it!!

We just finished up on the study, Lord, change my attitude and I think I will have to reread that study over and over. It's pretty powerful and I always need to work on a lot of stuff, so this study showed me some important pointers. We are taking a break from our couples study for the summer, so we will see whats going on next fall.

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