Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Really as most of you know, for Christmas I asked for money to buy a new stroller, and not just any stroller, but THE stroller...

well of course, after much research and decision making with my husband, I actually wanted two...yep, TWO

See i wanted one to run with and one to keep in the car that folds up in minutes and is light weight

this is where comes into the equation

i knew the two double strollers that i really wanted

seached craigslist and this is what i got!!!

i know you are at the edge of your seat, if you didn't see these posted on fb.

The pink one, the pink combi stroller that usually sells for about 300.00, i bought it for 70.00. Its in perfect condition and its PINK. Although, we have had it for about 4 weeks and its not so perfect anymore, we have put it to GREAT use.


The double jogging stroller, that actually with both of my kids in it weighs about 70 pounds. However, i don't exactly jog miles in it, i rollerblade or walk at a fast pace with it. When i need to run excessively i drop the girls off at the childcare at the gym and RUN>


THE pink combi all folded up, it folds up smaller then a pack-n-play.


ok, we had to do us crazy

but we took a picture of ALL the strollers

yes, We really do use them all and use them quite frequently.

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