Sunday, July 18, 2010


Beautiful Sandestin... taking a picture of part of the resort as we were leaving.  Click on the name as you can see a little bit more of the place where we stayed.

We had so much fun!  Grandma I-I and Aunt Ashley came to watch the girls as Ryan and I got away for a little trip for our 30th.  (not our 30th anniversary, our 30th birthdays!!)

We had dinner's each night as we were sorta there for Smuckers, but this girl took full advantage of the resort, pool and beach.

Comedian night was so much fun!  But well, lets just say none of you will ever know what exactly went on that night but lets just say that Jill Butler was a little speechless, and that doesn't happen often.  I was not mentally prepared to go on stage with this comedian. Which might I add, I told Ryan later that he must have been a christian comedian because everything was soooo funny and soooo clean.  It was really enjoyable!
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