Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lane - 6 Months

Our sweet boy is 6 months old.

Most people don't want this time to fly, but we are clapping our way to this point.

He hasn't been the easiest baby, but for some reason, none of our babies are easy.
You could never tell by this face, but our babies like to cry, not sleep, throw up and give us a run for our money , they are as sweet as can be. 

But at the 6 month point, (put your hands up in the air and give a shout) the tables turn and we can start to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Lane is now off of his reflux medicine, he rarely ever throws up, he is sleeping longer and eating better.

Things are starting to get brighter around here. (hence the shades).  He is rolling, loves his entertainment center, grabbing things, saying ba-ba for bottle, loves noise, adores his sissy's, loves to be swaddled, just finished nursing, has played with barbies enough in his little life already, goes to sleep in his swing, loves pears and giggles.

Just the other day, Scarlett said, could you imagine if we didn't have little LJ, and I said no, he is perfect for our family and so glad God blessed us with such a blessing. 

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