Saturday, December 05, 2009


So after thanksgiving
and music concerts
and early Christmas shopping
and meeting up with friends
and Ryan flying out of town for a week
the day came.

It was a Friday.
I finally after many years
broke down and was going to get this surgery.
Hopefully if you are reading this i didn't complain much to you
i really try not to
but it was obvious i needed the surgery
when i went into
quick clinics,
doctors offices in
florida and ohio
and they all said,
you need to get your nose fixed
it would solve a lot of problems.

mmmm... problems
2 kids under the age of 3
a hubby that travels
live in florida
10-14 day recovery
narcotics that make you loopy
bruised and feel like someone slammed a door into your face
can't run or do any type of exercise for 6 weeks
must rest

problem: couldn't do it in florida
solution: did it in ohio

here is a picture of the happy couple before surgery... Christmas of 08 on the beach with just Scarlett, Willow was just a mere 6 weeks in my belly. Notice the nose, mmm...i won't take a closer picture, i don't want you to have nighmares.


Notice from far away you really can't tell, or at least i didn't think so, although you can probably see the bump i was sportin, and i am not talking about the bump on my nose either...i was about 6 months along with Willow Grace

but the minute a doctor would walk into the room, he would say,

"so, what happened to your nose"

i started to get a complex
i would start to sweat if i had to go the doctor
in fear they would say,

"tell me, does your nose bother you"

finally, it was decided i would go through with the surgery, but guess what
my nose may not come out completely straight either but my health would benefit from it.
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