Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ashland U and so much more

When I graduated with my masters from Ashland University I became obviously ALUMNI. So, they were having a little alumni banquet about 2 hours away... so off we went. Now, I don't want you to think that my hubby didn't want to go (ha) but he was out of town for the week so that is why he isn't in many of the pictures.

It was nice to talk to retired alumni...

conversation went like this...

Ashland alumnist: when did you graduate?
Jill: oh, like last year.
aa: thats nice, what do you do
jill: well, yah, know, i, um, stay home and raise my kids
aa: oh, thats nice, i bet you use your degree
jill: yep, everyday, good thing i got it in education and leadership...because i use both all the time

jill: so when did you graduate?
aa: well, so glad that you asked, you see i graduated in 72, you know when things were really good, i then went on to work for this and that...then, i got married and had kids, you know when the economy and things were really good... and moved here to work for so and so, you know because back in the day things were really good in our country... then i came back to the university to work and become a professor, then we moved to florida to retire, but can you believe this housing market... but we still just love meeting all these other graduates...

jill: nice, glad to know when you graduated...

forgot to insert above, that I probably had to have this guy finish his conversation like 5 times as I attempted to get Scarlett out from under the table because she wanted to play hide -n-seek and trying to feed Willow all covered up in front of this retireee was a JOKE.

Anyways, the picture below is the group that attended and it took place at the Amelia Island Plantation. It was beautiful and I could handle living there as well.


Scarlett and Willow


Scarlett loves to cook and bake, so she got her OWN apron to wear.


One day Scarlett said she wanted to go skating, so she dumped out the cards and went to town...i couldn't figure out where she learned this... i have never done this??

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