Wednesday, February 03, 2010

mom and dad ingold

yes, my parents came down to help me for a week and guess what


can you believe it


i am sure they took pictures, and will read this so they will have to send me some of their pictures

but yes


ryan even bought me a new camera, no excuse

i really know why i have one picture

do you want to know

because i left my kids for most of the week they were here, it was WONDERFUL, AWESOME and it was an emotional overload of a week. I didn't know what to do with myself, so i mostly just filled it up with appointments and pit stops at Starbucks.

They actually left a few hours earlier then planned, when we learned of the big snow storm that they did end up getting stuck in.

The one picture i did take was of my dad spraying our driveway. He worked on it for a whole day. He even brought his pressure washer down for the job, along with the rest of his toolshed to work on "the list."

Ryan was gone the whole week so it was nice to have a live in nanny and a live in handyman.... i was soooo spoiled!!


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ok so really two pictures but really, they are almost the same.

When Ryan came back into town, we had a little date out for sushi and then they left that night to beat the storm.

Thanks for coming and helping us out.

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