Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alumni Night

Ryan and I went away for a night to Celebration to celebrate an alumni event for Ashland University.  I graduated with my masters a few years ago, so now we try to attend some fun events.

This was everyone in our location.  The students in the front are doing their field experience in Florida all the way from Ashland University.  I met up with some amazing people!!   Mr. Ebanks (who has an amazing non-profit organization) AND who just happens to own my dream home on Crescent Beach. (i will find the picture and post later).  Mr. Hendershott, he does workshops on helping children who are wounded.  I have been following his wifes blog for some time now and didn't even realize that I would one day meet him.

So, get ready for a story.  Ryan and I walk in and one of the first people that comes up to us is Fred Fink.  After chatting for a few minutes, I ask him what he does and he says, I am the President of the University.  I could have crawled under a table.  I knew what he looked like from looking at alumni info but never thought he would be in Celebration for our little get together.

We stayed at the host location and the Autograph Bohemian hotel was just beautiful.  This is me outside our room.  It was amazing to get away for one night.  Thanks to Grandma I-I for coming down and babysitting the girls for a night out.
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