Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Say Cheese

On Tuesdays, we have Dance in the morning and gymnastics in the later part of the afternoon.  I would like to have them on seperate days but for now that is how it works.  I have Scarlett in two activities and she seems to enjoy them both.  Scarlett is with me all the time and doesn't really go to school besides Sunday school so I felt it was important for her to attend little "School" like activities.  As you can tell from this picture, she was a little exhausted today and decided to take a "break" on our hard tile.

Little bean has been as active as always, so I usually have to strap her in.  We have been learning and reviewing the letter E and about Queen Esther.  The bible verse this week is ...The word of the Lord ENDURES forever. It's in 1 Peter 1:25.  The girls learn a little song with it to make it easier. 
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