Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Scarlett and I had so much fun during our Mommy/Scarlett week.  We went to the movies and of course, she anted to bring Grayson and Maren.

They had so much fun.  We went to watch "Winnie the Pooh."  I think Scarlett has been to the movies, like maybe 3x in her life.  We were off to Disney the next day, but I can't find my other camera so I am hoping to post pictures soon when I find it.  I now know why we don't have too many Scarlett/Mommys weeks.... between Disney and the movies, we spent all of our "fun" money.

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Ani said...

Your girls are huge!!! And they are beautiful!!
Olivia, my daughter, is 1 year old..... it seems like yesterday we met at a Target and you helped me pick out a breast pump!!

Hope all is well.