Monday, April 02, 2012

From there to here

Where do we begin....
We always enjoy watching the movers put the car into the semi.
We bunked up at the local Fairfield for the week and friends stopped in to say goodbye.  A sweet friend, Jess stopped by to say goodbye.  So thankful for the wonderful people God has put into our lives. 
Of course, it wouldn't be a real Butler week without a trip to the Doctor.
I love that when I uploaded my pics, I found that Scarlett had grabbed the camera.  YEP, this was much needed coffee at two in the afternoon.
Quick stop at the bookstore to say goodbye to our beloved Ms. Gracie
Kids swimmin and hangin at the pool
Pizza parties
Hair stylin
Boys chillin
Kids screamin
and then reality hit, we were on the road
we made a quick pit stop (that later we learned we would regret) The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC was beautiful.
we stopped at this beautiful resort that my hubby can't wait to take me to, so we took a sneak peek.  He stayed their during a business meeting and it wasn't too far off the beaten path, so we enjoyed the view and let the kids have a break from traveling.
we stopped for some pizza
and well, i will let your mind wonder what we did with this bag....this is for another post!
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