Saturday, April 07, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy

The first weekend we arrived in Ohio, it was Ryan's birthday.  So we had a few surprises.  First of all the weekend started with pappaw and nana coming into town.  They got Easter baskets from Pappaw and Nana.
Willow was all over the cake for daddy's birthday!
We tried to pull out some decorations to celebrate.
The girls were loving the celebration.
Scarlett was excited to give Daddy his new grill flipper.  (and yes, in the background, those are boxes holding up our lamps until we find end tables)
a little pin the tail on the donkey never hurts anyone but good ol Daddy who went the wrong way
Uncle Alex even came in for the weekend from Columbus.
Scarlett was the "teacher" during the pin the tail game.
Of course you can't end a birthday with a good ol fashion show.  Gotta love girls!!
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