Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy for real Birthday Willow

Our sweet princess is ONE.

It's official, she is soo much fun and a happy baby.

She is a picky eater (although you won't be able to tell)

Willow bean:
- you are sleeping from about 7-6:30
- you wake up for a bottle, but that is ALL about to change, ONE=no more bottles
- you have really never even held your own bottle = not cool
- you have no interest in "baby food" anymore, you want the good stuff
- you will eat #3 baby food because it has chunks in it
- we are trying to get you to drink out of a sippy, and you will go ALL day to hold out for your night bottle.
- you LOVE water
- you ADORE your sissy and follow her around like B follows A
- you are taking steps, but not quite walking
- you take one nice long nap in the afternoon
- you are wearing #4 diapers
- you are in clothes anywhere from 12 months - 2T, depending on the brand and etc.
- you love the nursery at church, the nursery at the gym and any kids who will play with you
- you are saying momma, dadda, mmmm (like yummy) after you eat, you shake your head no when you really mean it (like when you are done eating)
- you LOVE yogurt melts and Fruit/Veg juice boxes
- you sweat like your daddy
- you are at the 100% for your height and 52% for your weight.
- you will fight and hit Scarlett to get something that you want... crazy, spanking is in full force
- you fake cry when i say "no"
- we can't believe you are already one, you are such a big girl and we love you

She is our little rockstar!!
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