Saturday, August 21, 2010

More Fun, Fun

Once a month, I try to make it to a fun game called, Bunco.  However, with Ryan's work schedule I don't always make it.  A few of us got together and went to a place called "The Dish."

One of my greatest joys is staying home with the girls.  This is the crazy stuff that we do!  Scarlett is usually silly and Willow is usually cheering her on.  It's usually one hot mess. 

Scarlett LOVES her babies.  I mean she LOVES her babies.  One day, she was trying to tell me to be quiet because they were sleeping. 

Scarlett's little buddy Conner came over after finishing his first week of school.  His mom told him if he was good all week then by Friday he could come to "Ms. Jill's" house.  (i love to be the reward house)
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