Saturday, October 29, 2011


Our lifegroup meets every Sunday night.  So for October, we decided to go bowling.  Usually we meet at Candy and Darren's but since they were out of town and just a few couples were able to meet we went "out."

The timing happened to be Halloween weekend.  So we dressed up to go bowling.  Can you guess what we are....

Dan and Paula decided to laugh at us all night as they opted out of the dress up night.

We have become good friends with these guys.  Troy and Rochelle have three boys and are so much fun.

Girls posing

Finally, caught up with my hunka hunka and striked a pose.

Brandi and I trying to be cool.

Trying to act like we are 20 and not admit our age.  We had so much fun and its great to get out for the night!!

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