Monday, October 24, 2011


Fall sets into Florida and its breezy, cool and the perfect time to visit the Central Florida Zoo. 

Braeden came too....the girls adore him.

Of course, they have all these wonderful animals and our kids play tag.

Just trying to get one little family girl shot was quite the task.

Scarlett's attempt at planking.

Of course, again, we are at the zoo and the kids want to play at the "park" in the zoo.

Overall, we had a great day seeing on the animals.

and riding the train

and the carousal.

Willow bean was so fun, although I felt like I was going to throw up.

One of the only reasons I posted this picture was because it made me stop and think.  Take a look at the girl/mom behind me.  I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope that she was taking a picture of her kid while on the ride.  I have to work hard not to let that little phone thingy get in the way of my parenting and loving on my kids.

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