Thursday, November 10, 2011

American Girl Doll

Scarlett was in her glory land when we went to visit The American Girl Doll store in Atlanta, GA.  Since we flew Willow up a week earlier, we decided to take the long way around to Ohio and make a few pit stops.

First, we dropped Madison (her American Girl Doll) off at the hair salon in the store.

This is what her dolly's hair looked like when it was done. 

Scarlett loved checking everything out in the store.  This double stroller was so cute and she thought Willow would like it for their bitty babies but we didn't get it.

Scarlett just walked around looking at the dolls and the different themes.  She did great and asked for about one thing and was done.  Ryan and I had to coax her into buying a few other things.  We wanted to save a few things for Christmas.  She picked out a wheelchair and a pair of glasses for her baby.  We picked a few more things to surprise her with later.
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