Wednesday, November 16, 2011

just 60

My dad turned 60 this year.  So 60 days before his birthday he received little fun presents from 60 different people.  The day we had his name we gave him 60 water bottles from Buehlers.  The girls were so excited for him to open it.

I think he enjoyed those 60 days, visiting with friends, receiving notes, cards and gifts.  Happy Birthday Dad.  You never cease to amaze me with your love and strong faith.  Thank you for being such an awesome role model to our family.

As his birthday approached, we threw him a little surprise party with Scarlett and Tagen.  All of their birthdays are in December. 

I think when you are little the best part is to open the gifts.  Scarlett of course had just had some black cake and she is adorned with Grandma Bonnie's American Girl Doll dress.  All the girls go upstairs and dress up, put heels and make up on.  I love this stage and that they are so much fun.  I love that she LOVES to play with her cousins.  Thank you to everyone for loving on Scarlett during her birthday. 

I took pictures of everyone at the party, but they wouldn't load.  I will try to post so they are added to our memories.  This is Tom and Rhonda Troyer, and their daughter Lizzie was probably running around the house with the girls too!! 
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