Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The big 5

Scarlett.loves to pose.loves to smile.wants a mini van.loves to play outside. loves to watch Jake and the Neverland pirates. loves school. loves artwork.loves to play with sissy.doesn't really like fruit still but loves veggies.  loves her cousins. wants a mini kind hearted. weighs barely anything. loves the park.loves american girl doll. sleeps well. eats muffins for breakfast. loves lunch meat and yogurt. still loves her milk. loves her florida such a helper.wants stairs in a house.

Scarlett is a busy girl but lately she wanted a new leapster we added some to her collection from ohio peeps and florida.

Watching Scarlett play is so fun.  I love to hear her talk to her babies.  When Willow is sleeping, it is quiet time, time that I have to blog, clean and do other things.  Sometimes Scarlett and I will work on a project but she loves to go and play by herself for about an hour.


Of course, when Willow is around, we are all on wheels rarin to go.  The two girls play pretty good together if Willow listens to what Scarlett wants her to do.  If she doesn't well, I will leave that for your imagination.
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