Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas at our house in Florida came early this year.

We were traveling to Ohio for the holidays so we opened a few weeks earlier.

Willow was the first one up and couldn't believe her eyes.

We had so much fun opening presents.

Scarlett was so "big girl" this year and making sure that everyone took a turn.

Of course, she organized all her presents.

Willow loves the little magnet that was sent in the mail.  It is the nativity scene and the girls played with it all the time.  It helped them to learn the story too!  LOVE!!!

Rollerblades were a big hit this year and of course, mommy was loving that Scarlett couldn't wait to get in them.  I love to rollerblade.

Of course, this would be something Daddy added to the mix.....noise makers.  We had a wonderful morning and it was so relaxing!!  Merry Christmas!
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