Thursday, December 01, 2011

Few things here and there

The girls out to eat with Grandma I-I.  We went to a new little place in downtown Wooster.  It is called Broken Rocks Cafe and Bakery. 

Another day in Ohio, we had little Grace.  She played and played with the girls.

Scarlett loves art.  For her birthday she received an art kit and loves it!!

Willow loves to be in Ohio with her cousins.  She especially loves to feed Grady.  She makes sure that he has everything he needs.

Scarlett loves to pack up her suitcase when we travel.  Since its often, she has it down to a science.  She still wants to be a "hotel candy lady" because she wants to leave chocolate on the bed at night when people stay at a hotel.  (side note, does the dog look real? ....its not...)
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