Thursday, July 16, 2009


This is quite disturbing!

Last weekend, I got onto the other Jill's facebook AND

Amy is on it
Doug is on it
Joy is on it
Curt is on it

i knew curt was for sure, amy hasn't stopped picking on me about it, and i figured Joy was on it because she is so far away but DOUG, now that topped it all and then i realized that my aunts are on it, my cousins, and everybody knows what everybody is doing...

the other jill usually has to tell me what my siblings are doing on a regular basis
my friends go out to eat and all know whats going on and then they have to text me, because i am not on the book

i am really debating on checking this out but i am afraid that i will officially pull an Amy and not update my blog for those that read this and update my facebook...ahh, what to do

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