Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy July 4th!!

every year we have been going to the July 4th parade in Fredericksburg. The town where Ryan's dad was raised, or more so where we have spent the last 12 years plus years that we have been together going there. I am not sure we have missed a year. This year grandma's house was no longer the stomping ground. The house has been sold so everyone was sitting for the parade at Jenny's which is just across the street...

Scarlett having a good time at the parade with Nana....and Uncle Alex

The Miller's on the Will Burt Float that Uncle Henry drove.

Jenny in the blue holding Hank... Cristin and Tom near the road holding Avery and the Matt Chelf family behind all of them..

The kids at the 4th of July picnic... loving their jello!!

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