Friday, July 17, 2009


Topsail Island is a place where Ryan and his family vacationed years ago before one of the hurricane's hit the 26 mile island.

So off we went on Friday to the beach.

Saturday...moved into condo day and hung around
Sunday.... hung around the beach and pool
Monday... cloudy and rainy in the morning, then turned into a beautiful day
Tuesday...the sunniest day we have had since we got to the island... jill got three hours of complete down time (scarlett sleeping and i went to the beach)

On thursday, I am so excited as I am going to see Olivia, one of the first girlfriends that I made in the PC and she introduced me to some of the friends that i have now in FLorida. I can't wait to see Brooklyn and meet her new little one.

Ryan is enjoying vacation...golfing was at the top of his list and some down time
Scarlett is enjoying her vacation ....i think she probably wonders where she lives by now...or what bed is hers

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Oliviajb118 said...

Oh Mama!!!! It was sooooo great seeing you!!! Thank you for making the extra trip to come over! You look gorgeous, and I guess I will have to get down there next to meet your newest addition!!!! Muah!!!