Saturday, October 03, 2009

Manic Monday

Scarlett and I made cupcakes that looked like we shared them with her little friends, Grayson and Jackson.


Scarlett at dance class

Scarlett enjoying dance class

Scarlett after dancing class being brutally honest... we are not usually allowed to be in the room with our little dancers... well, the instructors birthday was that day so she shared cupcakes, however, scarlett continues to inform the little blond in the front of her that "she is really messy" and the girl that is beside her "that she is throwing a fit, and to stop being so winey" ... we had to talk afterwards that when mommy tells scarlett these things, they are just for doesn't mean that scarlett then says them to other kids, so now i am going to have to reword some things (here is the thing, she was being brutally honest) as you can see from the picture that i took minutes before i thought i would hide in willows carseat
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