Friday, October 16, 2009

our little Willow

These pictures were taken mid October. Our little Willow has turned out to be quite the handful. We can't figure out when it is our turn to have a grocery baby. You know the ones you can take to the grocery store and they don't cry. You know the ones that don't cry when you put them in the car seat to go to the post office. You know the ones that just don't cry all the time.

She has good days and bad evenings. She is so fun and so temper mental. She is so smiley and cuddly. She is our Willow.





I am still breastfeeding Willow and refuse to give in. I did for Scarlett and it didn't help the fussy situation so I am not giving in on Willow. I have figured out the only thing it would gain me is the fact that i would be able to leave her for longer then 3 hours, which i really haven't yet!
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Anonymous said...

Can't believe it has been so long since I've seen her! Crazy how time flies... You go Girl! Keep nursing...