Saturday, October 10, 2009


October has rolled around and i can't believe is my favorite month (usually) right now i am a little overwhelmed.
Scarlett has been enjoying little willow...
we have been going to playdates, gymnastics, doctors and having friends over
Ryan was gone all week so it was a long girlfriends down here have said to ask them when i need help and i broke down and did on Wednesday, it was midweek and i usually don't send Scarlett without going with her but i just needed a few hours

here is Scarlett and Kira playing at her house...thanks Mindy!!




here is a picture of Willow i took later that ngiht after her bath, scarlett lotioned her up and she was ready to go out on the town... we just went to bed!!

other notes:
--joy, sam and kora lily are home from Germany
--nicki and regina are coming down on Wednesday .... so excited
--amy and joy, maybe joanna and a few kids are coming down the following week
--katrina and joel and girls are coming down the following week after that..although they will mostly spend time in sarasota...we are going to adventure down there too
--we are going to ohio around the 13th of nov and my nose surgery is scheduled for Dec. 3...ouch...not looking forward to it
--looking forward to watching a few buckeye games up north
--i love weekends because ryan is home to help it...not sure how single moms do it
--having Canadian thanksgiving with the other ryan and jill on sunday
--my ob appt could have been on america's funniest or most embarrassing hours of someones life... after 3 hours of misery we finally made it home alive...i won't share the pain with you all...
-- bumming that ryan had a 5+days trip planned for our anniversary at the end of the month, his mom was going to come and babysit, then we (or i mean i)shortened it down to 3 days and now it has turned into about a day, so we decided not to go do you like that one... simply put, as much as we need a weekend getaway, i just wasn't ready to leave willow overnight
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Angie said...

Don't worry...our 5 yr anniversary got condensed too ;)
Brian said we should be glad our "everyday" lives are so good instead of worry about not being able to have an elaborate celebration...guess I'll go with that...but it would have been fun :) Happy early anniversary anyway!!