Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The food table which was super yummy!!


The kids opening up gifts!

Everyone swimming in the pool.


Daddy and Scarlett having so much fun.

It was the weekend of the Michigan game so Ryan came down on Friday night and then left late to go back home. We just made it to the opening of the Michigan vs. Ohio State football game.

Friday before we went to the hotel, my sisters and I went shopping. We visited a handful of consignment stores around the Columbus area... we still think Canton and Medina beat out those stores!

Also, Friday night after shopping and before the hotel, I went to visit Alex with the girls. We had a great time but I didn't take any pictures...i already felt like a super old sister so i didn't want to look any more nerdier than i already was taking goofy pictures. Scarlett couldn't figure out where Nana was when we went to see Uncle Alex. She finally figured out and then when we were at Nana's house later in the week, she said "nana, Uncle ALex doesn't live here." I think she thought everyone else should know!
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