Thursday, November 26, 2009

We went to the Butler side at noon for Thanksgiving! It was so nice to catch up with everyone, especially Amanda and Greg who were here before the give birth to their little baby sometime in late Dec or early jan.... we wish them God's blessings as they deliver a baby and then send daddy off to serve with our troops. I will post an address to where you can send him cards, treats and gifts as soon i get it.

Us girls just hanging out and relaxing..reading the ads and everything else that comes along with thanksgiving.

jenny was probably one of the only ones to really hold Willow...she was either sleeping or eating and such a good baby that day!!

After the butler's we went to my grandma Hartzlers for dinner!

If anyone (joy) or anyone else has pictures from Thanksgiving, i would love some, I have absolutely no pictures of the girls in their matching outfits...AHHHH, this is not good, this is bad, i can't believe it!

Thanksgiving night was a night that i look forward to from one year to the next and i am using that as an excuse to my limited pictures.

My sisters and i, and who ever other nut cases want to join us.. we usually adventure to the Prime outlets to wait in line for 15$... yep, thats right 15$. So in the freezing cold, we stand outside for a mere 4 hours and then we shop all night. Except this year was different, at least for me. I am breastfeeding, so curt if you are reading this, you may want to stop, as this may continue to disgust you.

So, willow hasn't been taking a bottle very good at this point, so we thought what better night to practice before my surgery then now. SOOO, daddy dadcare opened for the night. I was kidless for a serious 9 hours!! I know sit down as this gets better. So we waited in line from 7 unti about 10, which at that point, we were freezing, we were crazy and we were super excited because we were on channel 5 news....YEP, you know a celebrity. I would have signed autographs but we were so cold we couldn't find our fingers.

After getting our 15$ at 1100 pm, we rushed to all the stores and had a grand ol time. called Ryan and he said, willow took a bottle! HIP HOORAY, i can shop longer! OH yah, every three hours, i went out to the freezing car and my freezing pump... yes, i think my pump was talking to me at 2:00 in the morning. By 3 in the morning, i went back to the house, slept for about 2 hours, fed willow at 4 and was out the door by 445 so that i could meet my sisters who had been shopping all night in Orrville. We were off to Canton! We were back home by 10:00 the next morning.

Love these nights, love these moments, if only i could freeze them in a bottle and remember them like it was yesterday. Love the fact that my sisters are awesome, and my sister in law on my side fits in like a glove. (although love my sister in law from my hubbys side too) Oh, and i can't leave out my brother in law, who just goes along with the flow and let us girls run around with our heads cut off... that was our van load, our fun van load... and you know I think i got the best deal of the night...spending time with family that sometimes people take for granted and they don't realize it until they move away like we have and you have to cherish every last minute you can when you are with them.
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