Friday, November 13, 2009


So we are off and away
we usually fly
but this time we decided to drive
because we have a luggage carrier on top FILLED
our back of our SUV is FILLED
the floor is FILLED
the seats are FILLED
but thats not fair because here is what is on our seats...

Willow (i know she is sleeping thought i would brag a little)


and Scarlett (yep, she was sleeping too, somehow we did manage both of them to sleep at the same time for at least 10 minutes)


One of the reasons we are heading to ohio is so that i don't have to do this anymore.


yep, you guessed it, cover my nose, although the surgery is done strictly inside my nose, it may straighten the outside too

as you can imagine, everytime we are in ohio, we feel like we are on skates, going from one place to the next.


we don't mind though
we love seeing family
and friends
and more family
and more friends
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