Saturday, November 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Scarlett

Happy Birthday Scarlett!


We have been friends with the other Jill and Ryan since we pretty much moved to Florida. We have been blessed with many friendships and they happen to be one of them. Jill made this cake for Scarlett and it took her a few days.. we are so blessed to have such a wonderful relationship with them and that she would do this for Scarlett.


Scarlett loving her cake.


Scarlett got a little shy while we were all singing to her!


This birthday party took place in Florida exactly a month before your real birthday. We wanted to share your birthday in florida with your friends as well as in ohio. We never had a birthday party for you in Florida, so this was extra special because you actually knew it was your birthday!

You are so much fun to take places and do things with.
You use to love Mickey Mouse just months ago, and NOW, everything is Dora.
You love your babies, feeding them, burping them and taking care of them.
You love to learn with your mommy.
You love to give kisses to Willow.
You love to golf with your daddy.
You love to watch soccer, especially if Grayson is playing.
You love to dress up and have recently loved doing that with Kira.

We love watching you grow, we just want to bottle you up and enjoy this age forever... happy 3rd birthday sweet Scarlett Elizabeth!
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