Sunday, October 07, 2012

Little Town

Our family went to visit a small town near Cincinnati for the day.  Wyoming was recommend to us by a dear family, The Imhoffs.  Whitney is from the area but I met her in Wayne County.  Her family has the Wyoming Pastry Shop and so we made sure to stop in there too!
They were having a little carnival and we loved trying all the different foods!
The fall flowers were in full bloom too!
The bakery established in 1934, is where you can enjoy a cup of their signature house blend coffee, Caribou coffee, or a wide selection of Harney and Sons teas in a relaxed quiet setting with a sweet pastry or take home a loaf of their many breads.
Our little Willow bean enjoying the beautiful day!!
One of the things the girls enjoyed the most was being able to climb up and in the fire trucks!
Also, we stopped in the "art" academy too!  Of course the "flying pig" was out front.  You will have to check out the flying pig marathon that they do each spring.  It is a well known marathon all over the country!
We enjoyed crafts!
Of course, the best part might have been the train ride.
We were there late in the day and that was probably the best timing.  People were probably there all morning and had cleared out by the time we rolled into town.
What a great day in the town of Wyoming.  The quaint and quiet community reminds me so much of Ohio!  The houses are nestled into the neighborhood with fences, dogs and play sets.  I would highly recommend visiting this town, stopping in at the local bakery and enjoying the scenery!!
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